Super 73 Upgrades Accessories

Super 73 Electric Bike e-Bike Upgrades Accessories

I’m so excited that I ordered a Super 73 Scout and S1 in June 2018, and there set to arrive in Dec 2018 or before.

So why did I choose this e-bike?

Simple- I love the 70’s, minibikes, American made-based companies, and riding bikes with family and friends.

What upgrades I plan to make.

Super 73 Accessories Links

  1. Side Mirror
  2. Lights – Super 73 Z
  3. Front Cargo Rack
  4. Fenders
  5. Portable Tool Kit
  6. Phone Holder
  7. Portable Charger
  8. GoPro Mount
  9. Anti-Theft system with GPS
  10. Growler Carrier

Side Mirror

LX LERMX Bike Mirrors

Of course, having fat tires doesn’t help if you don’t even see a car coming, and a left-side mirror is cheap, so…nobody should be riding their ebike in the streets without one. If you can’t find a perfect one now, get a cheap one right away. Then, upgrade when you finally find the perfect style, later on.

Mirrors are so vital, they can be found in styles that are attached to your bicycle helmet, the handlebars, or even your sports glasses. If you go to “google images” and search “bicycle mirror”, you can see hundreds of styles. One of them should fit your needs, and also your own personal style.



CLighting Motorcycle Driving Lights with USB Port 18W DC 12V 24V LED Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycles Jeep Trucks Off-road Bicycle BMW Kawasaki Harley (Pack of 2)

This is another item that is vital for safety, in case you think that you might sometimes not make it home before it gets dark. If you get hit by a car at night, and you don’t have any lights? The car-drivers’ insurance might not have to pay. But…even if they do have to pay for damages to your ebike, and the injuries to your body…a light is cheap insurance, and it can save your life.

There is one major design choice you need to make when considering a lighting system for your ebike. Do you get a front and rear light-set that has their own rechargeable battery pack? or…do you get the kind that is powered directly from your ebike battery pack?

Due to the “pedal only” bicycle market, there are hundreds of bike light types that have a standalone rechargeable battery, with many resembling a flashlight that is clipped to the handlebars and rear seat. If you have an ebike, you have the option of having lights that are powered by the main pack. It is not only more convenient, you are also less likely to end up on the road with a dead battery for the lights.

Lights that are powered by the main ebike battery pack are the type of system that I recommend. if you don’t already have a preference, Luna Cycle has a great bang-for-your-buck LED headlight that converts a low amp-draw into a lot of lumens. The 9-watt light is the more affordable option, and the extra-powerful 15W is for those who want a much brighter light. Both have integral DC converters, and run directly off of any 12V-72V pack

There is also a third option…If you buy a small water-proof DC/DC converter (designed for electric golf carts), then it can take your pack voltage (anything from 36V-60V input) and convert it to a 12V DC output. The reason I mention this is because…sometimes, 12V lights from the motorcycle and moped world can be very powerful and also very affordable. Plus, a DC/DC converter gives you the option of adding a motorcycle radio to your ebike.

Front Cargo Rack

Pure City Urban Front Bike Cargo Rack

Fat Bike Fenders For Z 

SKS Rowdy Front and Rear Bicycle Fender Set (Black, 20-24 Inch)

Fenders are one of the items that are rarely found on entry-level ebikes. Customers are always price-sensitive, and deleting the fenders is one way to keep the purchase price down on an ebike that might still be over $2000.

However, if a street ebike turns into something that you end up using frequently, you will soon find that adding fenders can save you from getting splashed with mud and water.

Portable Tools

Mechanic Tool Kit Bike Repair Tool 26 Pcs Bicycle Tool Ebike Maintenance Tool Wrench Chain Removal Tool Sprocket Remover Chain Breaker Splitter Tire Spoon

Mechanic Tool Kit Bike Repair Tool 26 Pcs Bicycle Tool Ebike Maintenance Tool Wrench Chain Removal Tool Sprocket Remover Chain Breaker Splitter Tire Spoon

Many of the standard maintenance and repair jobs on a bicycle can be handled by common tools…like screwdrivers, metric allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench for axle-nuts, etc.

However bicycles require several tools that are not commonly found at hardware stores. You could buy each one separately at a local bike shop (LBS), but Luna Cycles has assembled a very good collection of bicycle tools in one handy case. A few of these tools are specifically made to help install a mid drive kit, but even without those, the rest of the tools here will be useful for any bicycl


The Luna Cycles bicycle tool kit


The classic bicycle bell (operated by your thumb) is one of the most affordable ways to accessorize your ebike. They can be small or large, simple or vintage….and their styles can range from just about anything, starting with a black skull and ending at a white-and-pink “Hello Kitty” bell.


Digital Multi Meter / DMM

I know these aren’t sexy or romantic, but…if you have an ebike, you need one …NEED. It’s just the kind of thing that someone won’t buy for themselves, but they are not expensive ($15-$20 ish?), so they actually make a great gift.


Anti-Theft system with GPS

AUENLIPHTO GT200S Real-time Portable Magnetic Personal Vehicle GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2G tracking (Black)

I didn’t want to include this until I had at least one suggestion, but…with ebikes typically costing $2000 or more, I just want to remind everyone that this is an important item to research and buy.

Once I get enough time to properly research the best options, I will write an article to help present the features that are available right now. Something that texts your phone when it detects motion (like a thief trying to cut the lock-and-chain) would be great to help prevent it from being stolen. But even then, they might still get away, so…a built-in GPS would help you find it after it’s stolen.

I hope this list gave you some useful ideas, and if you have a favorite accessory that is not on this list, please post it in the comments below.




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