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We Create Effective Online Courses

We’re a USA Raleigh, NC family of instructional designers, eLearning developers and graphic designers that deliver highly effective engaging learning experiences for your learners. We’ll help you acquire, grow, and retain customers by combining strategic learning content and modern social marketing into solutions that help you gain and retain customers.

Online Learning Development

  • Learning Strategy & Solution Consultation (Advice)
  • eLearning Development and Instructional Design (Articulate Storyline Courses)
  • Technology Training Videos (functional & tactical training)
  • Marketing Videos (selling products and services)
  • Explainer Videos (demystifying complex concepts in 60 seconds)
  • Mobile eCourse ( made in Rise for iPad)

Marketing Content Design

  • Identity & Branding (If you don’t have it)
  • Learning Social Strategy Development
  • Marketing Email Design
  • Newsletter Campaign Design (MailChimp)
  • Advanced Animated Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation
  • White-paper and eBook Content
  • Infographic Graphic Design
  • Data Visualization Content

Instructional Video Production 

  • Procedure & Training Videos
  • Technical & Process Videos
  • Animated & Motion Graphics
  • Lectures, Events & Interview Coverage
  • Interactive Videos
  • 360 Pano Interactive Exploratory Videos
  • DIY How-To Videos
  • Live Show Production with Chat for Seminars Youtube Vids,  Twitch and FaceBook Content (we know Streaming!)

Software Simulations

Are you rolling out new software that you need to train your staff on? Do you need to ensure processes are carried out and transactions logged correctly within your system? We produce software simulations that allow your staff to practice as if they were in the ‘live’ system without creating any risk to your real data. We can set-up test scenarios to prove they’re comfortable working in the new system before they log on for  ‘go-live’ day.

Customer Service Solutions

We can work with your organization to provide online customer service solutions that are accessible 24/7. This can range from interactive product demonstrations to a collection of helpful web-based FAQ videos for self-support. We ‘ll set-up these materials so that you can track all customer interactions. This can provide your customers valuable insight into aspects of your products that your customers have issues with and into the level of direct customer engagement.

Customer Product Training

Our schedule’s open to develop a unique sales presentation for your sales team. Deliver your messaging using the perfect combination of graphics, video, voice over and well-written text. We build interactivity right, so that your learners’ experience is more like participating in a ‘conversation’ than a linear 1 way ‘presentation’.