Raleigh Durham Battle Bots – Robot Combat

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hackLAB (Raleigh Durham) is building a Micro Combat (Antweight) Robot Arena

Antweight = up to one (1) pound

Our 1st Event is online YouTube Twitch Live in Raleigh on Saturday, Sept 15, 2018

So Subscribe there to get updates and notifications.

So if you’re interested in competing or sponsoring during our 1st live event first please register on this site and optionally join the meetup here hackLAB.

The group is free but does require an approval for screening spam and waiver.

If you believe in the Power of Steam Education and mentoring young minds consider Sponsoring. We have levels through Patreon.


  • Combat Robot Class – Antweight = up to one (1) pound
  • We’re currently sourcing the materials to build a portable enclosure.
  • The Normal size  (made of Lexan and metal) (8′ square, 7′ total height, 3′ raised floor)
  • That arena for up to beetleweight class bots (3 pound)
  • We’re following SPARC arena design safety guidelines!
  • Waivers, Disclaimers, and Insurance will be in place to protect everyone. 


  • Hinged Lexan Doors to enable mobile transportation.
  • Micro Arena is 4′ x 4′ – Typical is 89″ wide
  • Lexan glass is about .25″ in on each side.
  • 4′ wide for Sponsor Ad signage opportunity (vinyl) sticker on front and back.
  • top ventilation and led lighting

Antweight Examples


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