KCup Coffee Organizer Drawer & Stand

DIY Drawer and Stand KCup Coffee Organizer

A ridiculously simple t’s the K-cup holder made of two pieces of wood. If you have a Keurig or knockoff, you need to MAKE this nasty boy. Sell it or use it.

The first thing you need is a rectangle of 1/2″ plywood.  It’s your drawer size.

For instance. 14″ long by 12″ wide.  Then mark your grid so that you can evenly make your holes.  The first horizontal line is 1.5″ from the top.  Then do 4″, 6.5″, 9″, 11.5″.  (it’s 2.5″ intervals if you are into that kinda thing).  Then mark your vertical lines.  They are every 3″ from the neighbor.  Start your first vertical line at 1.5″ from the left hand side and then do 4.5″, 7.5″, 10.5″.  Where the lines intersect is the place to drill the hole centers.

Download Digital Files (SVG)

Then flip over the board.  It will look like this…

Place your drill bit center on the little holes and finish drilling the round holes.  This whole mark-half-drill-flip-drill-more method will give you the cleanest opening.

Now cut your board for the back.  It supports the leaning front.  It is 3″x12″ and the table saw is really important here.  The side that is longest is ripped at 12 degrees.  See that piece in Jeremy’s right hand?  It’s straight on three sides and the fourth side (the one that just was cut by the saw) is the angled side.

Sand everything down really well.  (Yes I made this back in March when I was pregnant so NO MOM I AM NOT PREGNANT!)

Then after everything is sanded and smooth, you wall want to attach the angled board to the bottom of the hole-y board.  Remember that the angle makes it so that it leans back at the top.  Also make sure you attach it to the end of the hole-y board that has more margin (the top has less margin, the bottom has more).

I used Varathane’s Dark Walnut and then Rust-Oleum’s semi-gloss poly.

Once it is dry and smooth, it is ready for use!  I think this would be a great Christmas gift, right?!

And it’s not expensive to make.  I bet you could make a ton of these in one afternoon.  Perfect for teachers that love coffee and for in-laws and for your brother that is completely disorganized (I don’t have one of those….I am the disorganized one….everyone in my family is nodding their heads right now).  But at least I am well caffeinated 🙂

I do think that it would be adorable with trim and with stripes or even HUGE and mounted with little corner blocks to the wall.  It’s options for modification are endless!  Happy Building!

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