3D Printing Small Business Course

3D Printing Small Business Course – Design and Sell

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In this course you’ll discover the best 3D products to sell, including digital “instant profit” products, Ryan’s industry secrets and you’ll learn how to sustain the sales you need to grow beyond your garage. 

So you first have to choose the right 3D Printer, understand the technology behind it, then set it up safely. You’ll then decide which five products you’re going to print, maybe interest or passion of yours and then “market test” those products. After you have the best performing product, you will set up three online vendors to sell them. Now it’s time to set up a shipping system including making labels. It’s critical to develop the habit of shipping by selling “warm-up” items and using an online service to make it super easy. After that, it’s time to drive traffic with Social media tools and taking care of your customers and using a referral program. And the final step to take it to the next level and sustain your side hustle in 3D Printing you have to learn how to Design in 3D with Fusion 360. The course takes 2 hours, but the set-up steps is a 30-day journey, but well worth it. The videos are personal, revealing secrets and the exclusive video content is not located on the web.

  • Professional Produced Course Videos
  • 3D Print Fusion 360 Digital Models you can customize and sell now.
  • Taught by an award-winning industry expert that design prints side-hustle products daily.

The course is focused on selling useful products that people want.  And it’s not the bs like “the theory of printing.” You’ll gain valuable skills to design and prototype your invention and either make income or become employable in the 3D printing industry or to optimize your home design and printing projects.

The Author will empower you to start printing for profit today.